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About JHL

Founded in 1999, JHL Consulting provides technical risk management, technical security assessments, audit management, cyber security product advisory, and product outreach. We aim to quickly identify and communicate technical risk to management without getting embroiled in the details that often surrounds complex distributed systems. We serve finance, pharma, telecommunication, and aviation, among other industries. We specializing in the security of clouds (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) hosted services across a variety of virtualization technologies (bare metal, virtual servers, and containers), public, and private cloud providers.

As systems become more intricate, distributed, and complex, the need for technical audits grows. Proactively identifying and addressing technical risk is the key to successful system operations.


  • Vendor Risk Management

    When third parties manage critical data or business processes, a Vendor Risk Managemen Program can mitigate these risks through a policy and procedure gap assessment. We handle the assessment, communication of risk, and tracking of remediation efforts.

  • Software Risk Assessment

    For customer developed software, a Software Risk Assessment can identify technical, architectural, and procedural risks in the development program. This assessment includes interviews with key members of the development team as well as reviews of critical source code sections.

  • Cloud Migration Security Analysis

    Looking to move systems into the cloud or virtual space? A Cloud Migration Security Analysis proactively identifies and addresses risks that come into play with such a transition.

  • Privacy Risk Assessment

    When acting as a custodian of personally identifiable or sensitive personal information, it is crucial to implement and maintain proper controls to protect this information. This assessment identifies and recommend how best to correct any shortcomings.

  • External Audit Management

    External, customer driven audits can be a burden on internal resource who are often not familiar with the audit process. By utilizing our services, audits run smoother and keep internal resources focused.

  • Security Product Consult

    Developing a Cloud Security Service or Product? We can assist by providing guidance through trials, customer outreach, and product evangalisms designed to improve your products appeal and outreach.

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John Studarus

President, JHL Consulting LLC